Portrait outing with Angelena : On shooting day, we simply strolled around the industrial area untill we found a location to shoot, as I didn’t have any location in mind, we were very lucky to come upon this particular location !⠀ Fun fact : Although Angelena is of Ibanese descent, she speaks perfect Mandarin. We were communicating in English at first, untill she suddenly turn towards me and said : “You know, I speak Chinese.” Imagine my surprise. She even told me how her and her siblings are so used to speaking Chinese, having spent their youth growing up in Chinese school, that they would frequently use Chinese to communicate with each other at home. A nice way to hide secrets from your parents eh ? 😂⠀ PS : I’m always looking for muse to shoot, each session will only take between 30-60minutes, all softcopy will be return to you. I’m now open for both Males and Females, or even couple !

Reach me at info at oncloud9.my


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