2 years ago, I’ve posted this journal. And I’m recycling the exact words but I’m including updated images with this post. Going through the images was tough work, at the beginning of each year, I always remind myself to do better at archiving and organizing my portfolio…but I could never keep up with the resolution, let’s hope I’ll do better this year, and I hope you’ll enjoy this post as much as I’ve enjoyed curating it.

Hands, I find them fascinating, it’s not surprising that most photographers are drawn to photographing hands, as I find them even more expressive than faces. As human, we’ve learnt to hide our emotions pretty well, but you can tell alot about a person just by looking at their hands ; where they place their hands when they hold a conversation, how we all use our hands to help express our emotions. I cover my mouth with my hands when I laugh a little too hard, I cover my eyes with my hands when I’m trying to hide my sadness.

I’ve photographed many hands at weddings, those soft supple hands of the bride, those wrinkled, rough hands of the parents, curious, chubby little baby and toddler hands. Those hands that expresses gratitude, commitment, sadness, happiness ; those hands that comforts and soothes us, so much stories unfold in those hands. I love how we use our hands to express our emotions so much, much more than our facial expressions. I’ve been wanting to compile this blog post for a long time, and I’ve missed so much already with so many occasions comes and goes.

These bits and pieces of my thoughts along with these pictures, I’m leaving this mostly for myself, for keeps, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

As usual…had to end this blog post with a feet photograph. This is definitely a rare treat for me as I rarely have the opportunity to photograph feet.

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