I was here three years ago, and even wrote a blog post for it. I removed that blog post because upon reading it after sometime, I’ve found that perhaps I’ve revealed a little too much, it was a little too raw, a little too personal.

What sets writings different than imagery ? Your feelings towards an image may shift overtime, with writings, it instantly takes you back to where you were at that point. I’ve been careful with words, perhaps I need to write more positively, so I remember more good things in my life.

I could write so many things I love and miss about Bario, the mountains, the people, the serenity, the food, the interesting people I’ve met along the way, but mostly, I’ll miss all those conversations I have with myself.

This line is taken from my previous blog post upon a conversation with a local from Bario : “It doesn’t matter how we get there, our destination is always the same.” I love this line because it can mean so many different things depends on how you interpret it.

(I’ve included a Vlog along with this post, it was made just┬áto document the trip (I’m an amateur with 0 video editing skill but it’s nice to have something along with these images. Link is at the end of the blog post)


Here’s the vlog

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